Monday, 29 August 2011

My two most valuble lessons

I have learnt two really important lessons over the last 3 months that I have been struggling for years to learn, all I can say is that things happened this summer to make my viewpoints change, and it couldnt have come at a better time.

lesson one. Dont care what other people think! 
This one was a long time coming, I realised that HONOUR is more important than REPUTATION, its not what other people think about you, its what you know about yourself. If you know in your heart that you are good enough/can do it/are not like that etc... who cares what they think. I dont. Not anymore. I can take constructive criticism, but I dont care about criticism when it isnt constructive.

lesson two. Have self confidence!
This was the only thing that has ever held me back, well not anymore. I realised this summer that if you believe in yourself and you are confident in yourself no matter what you look like/feel like etc.. it can have many benefits. I have self confidence now and I have reaped the benefits, made many new friends and had the courage to cast aside those which dragged me down.  I am independant. I have also got to know myself better and feel free to be who I really am, and I feel free now.

So the good, bad and strange experiences I have had this summer have helped me grow as an individual, and i feel now that nothing can ever stand i my way and if it does I am confident i can overcome it.


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