Monday, 29 August 2011

Uni summer project...

If anyone reads this who thinks they know me then they may be thinking that I have spent the summer worrying about uni. They are wrong, I have been looking forward to it and i'm really exited, I cant wait to be honest.

We have this summer project, In a nutshell we have to take an A1 peice of paper, glue and a craft knife and see what we can make with them. I found an artist online that does something similar, his name is Peter Callesen.
check out his work.

 This design is quite a simple idea, but I think it looks so good, just as good as the more complex designs, like the castle below.

 I can imagine that one of peers will do something weird and freaky like this, not mentioning any names but....

 I do like the way that the artist has used just one peice of paper and included everything. The cut out part sort of acts as negative space, I like this idea.

I can imagine the work you would have to put in to get this right, lovely hard work, hours of it :), I miss that.

The truth is I already know what I am doing, its weird because you dont know what anyone else is doing, that could be good though, you can do what you want without there influence.

I will post it up when I have done, Im going to town with this one. DMU here I come.

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